About The O-Liv Creator

Born in Transylvania, Romania, Livia grew up sheltered from the ever-changing, big city life. In her own words: “I couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend my young years.”

Moving to US permanently in 2007 was mainly her coming home as an adult. Livia is happy to call this her adult home and she is convinced she couldn’t have chosen a better place than San Francisco, “My city by the Bay”.

Art has always been part of Livia’s life one way or another. Flirting with sculpturing, painting and later on photography and graphic design, writing has been the constant every since she learned how to hold a pen at age 5.

She never thought she would ever share with the world any of her photographs or writings.

Livia’s inspiration:

“A little while ago (2015) I had the most life changing experience: I met the rest of my life! And the rest of my life I’ll spend sharing this beautiful world through moments captured on the go or carefully selected, through words arranged with passion by life’s mysterious ways… true evidence of my happiness unfolding.”